Career North teaches students how to identify career opportunities that fit with their values, interests, personality, and skills. We empower students by providing resources designed to foster the development of career management skills that will serve them as competent professionals.

Get on the Path to Career Readiness

Discover the right major

Explore the right majors that match your career interests offered at your school through a scientifically proven method.

Recognize the right career

Follow a proven job search strategy that will not just help you find a job but will help you find the right job with the right organization.

Recognize the right career

Access a scientifically proven career development tool that will help define the career that matches who you are.

Locate your network

Establish your personal brand, make professional contacts, and unleash the power of your network to see a whole new world of possibilities.

Envision. Design. Navigate. Your Career.

Students Love Us

“Career North has been vital to my career search. I can log in anytime and it’s always customized to my needs.”

- Valerie

“Due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t make it to the career center. Thankfully, with Career North I was able to receive the resume help and guidance I needed no matter my schedule.”


“I was surprised by the interactive technology Career North provided in their modules. It was user-friendly, and it gave me confidence knowing it was created by career development experts.”

- Carson

"CareerNorth gave me everything I needed, every step of the way from my freshmen year to my senior year. I could even access a career coach when I needed more help. I still can't believe all I got for the price I paid"

- Jenn

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